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Oz Powerball Winners Dispute $40M Winnings

If the history of successful syndicate lottery wins will tell you anything, it’s that they don’t usually end well. 14 Sydney factory workers couldn’t believe their amazing lucky after one of their tickets turned out to be a winner. But in the space of a week, the joy...

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8 BIG Reasons to Play a Lottery

Lottery has been in the bad books for reasons that have nothing to do with betting but the human greed that can never be satisfied. A responsible person never loses anything more than the price of the lottery while the one that gets greedy mostly ends up losing a lot....

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6 ways that winning the lottery will change your life

Ever wanted to fly to the moon? Wondered what it would be like to live like a rock star? Wished you could beat traffic and fly to work in a helicopter, or better yet, not have to go to work at all? Here’s 6 ways that winning the lottery will change your life. 1. Never...

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How To Handle A Massive Oz Powerball Win

So many of us dream about winning a huge amount of money that completely changes every perception or limit we’ve observed about the world. Along with all the plentiful stories about lottery winners, there are also plentiful stories about how they squandered the money....

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Top 20 Oz Powerball Facts

  Whether you’re new or old to the Oz Powerball game, we’ve compiled a list of some facts every player should know. Here are the facts you need to know: Powerball has a minimum jackpot amount of $3 million guaranteed every Thursday. If there are no players whose...

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Beware of Lotto Scams – Woman Loses $10 000

  It’s unfortunate that these things happen to people, but as long as there is money in the world, there will always be dishonest people trying to get their hands on it in the easiest way possible. Always keep your eyes open for lottery scams because they are...

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