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Oz Lotto is a national Australian lottery game that originated in February 1994. It was the very first lottery game in Australia and has since remained one of the most popular due its massive jackpots. Oz Lotto is also referred to as Oz Lotto 7 or Super 7 Oz Lotto because you need to match seven lucky numbers to win the Division 1 prize.

The jackpot starts at 2 million AUD but it can quickly grow to bigger sizes if there are rollovers. The biggest division 1 prize ever won was 111.9 million AUD in November 2012. Draws for this game take place every Tuesday at 9:30 pm ACT.




Oz Lotto is originally owned by Tatts Group and is administered in all Australian States except for Western Australia where it’s administered by Lotterywest.

It’s very easy to play the game. Players must pick seven numbers from a pool of 45 to enter. For more money, players can submit more entries to increase their chances of winning big. In total, there are seven winning divisions. To take home the jackpot, players must match all seven main numbers. Oz Lotto winnings are not taxed in Australia.